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What types of companies are you especially interested in?

We are interested in a broad range of projects that will help grow the Ripple ecosystem in some way. Some of the areas that we are interested in include:

  • Remittance
    • US <=> Africa, Latin America
    • US <=> Asia (excluding Japan, China)
    • Other non-US based remittance
  • Wallets
    • Consumer facing wallets
    • Enterprise grade wallets
  • Merchant solutions
  • Multi currency and cryptocurrency tax, analytics, and management products

How do I apply to the Accelerator?

Follow the link on the Apply page, fill out the form (be sure to put in your contact info and upload any deck you have). We will then get back to you within 5 days from your submission with an initial indication of interest, questions, or a request for additional information. Please make sure to include why you are passionate about building your business and the relevant skills of your team. It will also be helpful to let us know what type of assistance from CrossCoin will be most valuable to you.

In addition to completing the short application, an introduction from someone in our extended network will increase your chances of acceptance.  We also are actively involved in matching free-lance developers to start-up teams, and so if you have a general interest in remittance, wallet software, or micro-payments but lack a specific business idea please also reach out and there is a possibility we can match you up with a team. We do not currently have any application deadlines but accept applications on a rolling basis.

I do not have an idea, team member, power point deck, etc. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can. We are looking for smart people who are passionate about payments and cryptocurrencies, and are always happy to chat.  That said, to apply without a idea, deck or team member, you need to be an engineer who has read and understand the Ripple protocol and has done at least one code snippet using it and uploaded that snippet to Github.

We also have a number of concepts which CrossCoin and Ripple are interested in developing. If you have technical and/or design talent, and are interested in building a company in the digital currency space, we want to talk to you.

How long is the program? Are there classes or cohorts like other accelerators?

The official program is four months, which includes the office space, regular access to Ripple resources, and active support from the CrossCoin team and mentors. However, our model includes working with you informally after graduating from the program.

We are taking people as they are accepted in 2014. In 2015 we may move to a formal class structure, but will likely still maintain the opportunity for entrepreneurs to join when it makes sense for them, and not based on a set schedule.

Is there a formal program?

We like to call it an informal formal program. We feel that one size does not fit all.  We work one-on-one, not in a classroom setting. Our goal is to provide active support in team building, strategy, business development, and financing to help you make quick progress on your business. With that said, some structure is important to make sure you are hitting critical milestones during your active time in the program, and we will work with you to define relevant KPIs for your business.