How do I apply to the Accelerator?

Follow the link on the Apply page, fill out the form (be sure to put in your contact info and upload any deck you have). We will then get back to you within 5 days from your submission with an initial indication of interest, questions, or a request for additional information. Please make sure to include why you are passionate about building your business and the relevant skills of your team. It will also be helpful to let us know what type of assistance from CrossCoin will be most valuable to you.

In addition to completing the short application, an introduction from someone in our extended network will increase your chances of acceptance.  We also are actively involved in matching free-lance developers to start-up teams, and so if you have a general interest in remittance, wallet software, or micro-payments but lack a specific business idea please also reach out and there is a possibility we can match you up with a team. We do not currently have any application deadlines but accept applications on a rolling basis.

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