What are the dIfferences between Ripple Labs and Ripple Protocol?

Ripple Labs created the Ripple Protocol (“aka Ripple”) and remains focused upon enabling and helping inspire cutting edge developers and financial institutions to build upon the Ripple Protocol to create exciting and beneficial applications and financial tools.  Ripple Labs continues to contribute to the development of the protocol’s coding including: SDKs, APIs and free consumer applications.

The Ripple Protocol by comparison, is an open-source software system that makes the fast and efficient exchange of “currencies of value” possible between parties.  The Ripple Protocol is the distributed payments protocol that enables the virtually instantaneous exchange between any kind of currencies of agreed upon value (fiat currencies, loyalty points, gold).  Similar to how the Internet allows the instantaneous movement of information, the Ripple Protocol and network allows for a similar ease of exchange between agreed upon currencies of value.


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